I bit the bullet.

So, this is my first post – hopefully it is the start of something exciting. I have always been a lover of travel blogs and been inspired by the diverse range of information you can get first hand from people that have experienced the things you yearn for.

I am a traveller at heart, before any of my career ambitions, astronaut phase and distractions I wanted to travel the world and see everything for what it is. How can we possibly live in a world this diverse and vast and not experience it? I am an avid creative and business centric, or so i thought. Once the passion of travel was pushed to the back of my head I focused all my efforts into becoming an ‘entrepreneur’ which is thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding, however as many of my friends can vouch for, I never really had any direction and never knew where to focus my energy (this is apparently a curse of being a creative).

My work was amazing I enjoyed every day of it, but something was missing, and I didn’t know what – It was only when I was visiting my home town Nottingham one my way home in the pouring rain from a night out, that everything hit me as once. It may have been that I was still drunk, but it all came flooding back to… There is something else I should be doing… Seeing the world (many of you probably have had this same experience and some have always focused their energy on travel).

So I made the decision there and then, broke the news to my parents that I was putting everything that I worked for on hold (I was worried they would doubt it, even though I would have done it anyway) they were overly supportive. I spent the next 4 months saving my income, leaving my apartment and living on friends coaches (who I will never be grateful enough for) and gathering as much money as I could.

Then I took off on an adventure around Europe, little did I know this trip would make me see much more than I thought, opened my eyes and gave me an insight into my life and what it is I NEED to focus my energy on. I wont ever say “I found myself”, I do not believe in that, I see it as a never ending journey of knowledge.

With this blog I am hoping to not only share my adventures and photos (as I take a lot) but also give insights into the world out there to hopefully inspire other people to see it.

As pretentious as my posts will sound I’m anything but and I hope you come to like me as time goes on.

P.S. I will try to keep the cliches to a minimum.

68 thoughts on “I bit the bullet.

  1. A well-written introduction to a great project. I wish you all the best of luck on your around-the-world adventures, and look forward to reading all about it on your blog. Enjoy every day!

  2. I hope you can inspire others to do what you’re doing. Hopefully every time someone sees a bit more of the world they come to realize people are the same everywhere. And maybe this could lead to a little less strife in the world.

  3. Good luck!
    Keeping the cliches to a minimum is something I also struggle with, especially when things are going wonderfully and exactly like the cliche;)

  4. I so agree with your words. I have always been broken between pushing towards successful entrepreneurship and giving up everything to experience the world. And I am drowning in creativity. I was lucky enough to experience travel at a very young age, and I don’t think I’ve ever fully “come home.”

    It’s funny because, Stateside, you feel the “need” to be “successful” and “wealthy;” around the world, I would be happy being broke, sipping espresso, and people-watching–

  5. I know exactly how you feel! I also started my travel blog because I started to venture out on my own and I realized how much I loved it! If nothing else it is a great way to speak with other creative minds who have a love for travel.

    Good luck on your adventures!

  6. Good luck on your travels. I feel the same way. I admire your ability to just say the hell with it all and just DO IT. I am still stuck at home and just wishing I could take off and never come back. Held back by fear of ‘what ifs”.
    I travel as much as I can in between working, to save for the day when I can FINALLY just DO IT myself. I only hope I’m not too old to enjoy it by then.

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