“Why would you ever want to see the world for the way it is, and not the way you imagine it to be.”

Just a thought: (when you see this, it means there is no cohesive order to what I am about the write)

An interesting quote, it probably has a source, but I said it the other day (context being: talking about getting drunk in the evening and as a joke I coined the original quote which started “What kind of life is a sober existence…”)

But the truth is the quote about getting absolutely drunk the following night actually has a lot of meaning behind it.

It is true that everything we see is relative and judgement is made my the individuals perception but in this modern, progressive, innovative day have we become blind to what is really happening.

Why would you want to see the world the way it is? Isn’t it full of evil, hardship, pain, poverty, hunger… hate?

I am a very positive person that enjoys everything, is kind and lives life to its fullest but recently I have become much more aware of the everyday evils that are just swept under the rug because they are the “norm” = consumer waste, environmental damage, animal cruelty. I have said it before and I will say it again, we are so concerned with our own roofs and whats happening underneath them we forget about where our actual home is… this big rock we all share, yet do we really care?

Why would we want to see the world for the way it is, when how we imagine it is so much better?

Now to make the original point irrelevant,

Do we not all need to see the world in different ways, doesn’t the juices of creativity and life come from the ability to see everything through your own eyes? Why is it we travel, if not to widen the boundaries on our imaginations and thoughts.

My friends say I live in my own world and don’t see green the way they do, but this ability to change perceptions, create something from nothing and see the world the way I want to, is what keeps life exciting.

Which ever you way you want to take the quote, it still makes you think.

15 thoughts on “Imagine…

  1. I am such a dreamer. I write all the time. I’ve even written a book (unpublished but a book nonetheless). I imagine “what if” all the time. I find myself living in the “what if,” and I have a grand time until I see thing as they really are. What a downer. I wish I could just stay in the what if. If I never knew the difference, what a happy person I would be.

  2. Thanx for the follow! What a great post and a great question! Yes my friends also say to me that I am too much of a dreamer and lost in my own little world – that I don’t see the “real world” for what it is. But I do see the reality of this world and all it’s evils – if I focused on that all the time I would turn cynical and miserable in my heart.
    We are creatives. We carry hope in our hearts and a mind full of imagination which when combined with our love of travel and nature; just enhances the whole experience. The joy of simply living.

  3. I think seeing the world through your own eyes and interpreting things your own way is unique and what sets everyone apart. Definitely agree that it keeps life exciting too.

  4. I believe that the ability to subjectively understand the world has been what has kept me going for such a long time. I mean creativity in itself stems, personally, from the fabric of our basis to understand, to analyze and to self-conclude. It is the ability to analyze the waves on the water and to try and understand where they come from that fuels an appreciation of the complexity of the world surrounding, to me. I marvel because I can see and begin to try and understand. Though I am sure that even if I was blind I would only be observing the world through a different lens.
    I love your initial question and I think, from the stand point of a creative mind, that is quintessential to our being as imagineers.

  5. I see the world the way i imagine it too. 🙂 I have a friend who sees the world as an excel spreadsheet. I can’t possibly imagine that!

  6. Excellent points, all. The quote “You get out of it what you put into it” is quite true. Put some imagination into something (life, perhaps), and you might get something quite special out of it as a result!

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