A little evening drawing

Drew this canvas of Ganesha – remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the symbol of intellect and wisdom, also the god of beginnings.

All of which we need whilst travelling. I must point out I am not religious, instead trying my very hardest to understand the beauty of the universe, however one side of my family descends from Hindu roots so I have always been fascinated.

Looking into it, whilst travelling we come up against so many obstacles, we seem to gather knowledge and something creative inside of us seems to blossom. We become wiser and as always every trip must have a beginning and new beginnings happen every time we experience something new.

This is just a little aside, a nice sentiment, a chance for me to prove I am still here, and also I like to show people what I have created.

Anyone want their own let me know, happy to re-create for a little fee ;D.

Stay classy followers!

Also I am becoming much more organised with my posts so keep an eye out. I will get going soon!


10 thoughts on “A little evening drawing

    1. I’m not to sure, the way I like to draw is – Sketch it in pencil, then go over the most important lines in black marker, and then pretty much shade the hell out of it, then rub out bits where it is not needed. I just like how striking some images can be. Would love to learn about proper techniques and mediums.

  1. Ganesh, a good god to have if one must. I think of Surya and Prithvi Mata (I call them Old Sol and Mother Earth). They are the ones I would pick, if inclined. One cannot deny our dependence on those two. But Ganesh has a wonderful story behind him. My dry cleaner has Ganesh in her shop. She always offers positive, sensible ideas and good advice.

  2. Love it!Sounds (and looks) to me like you are sketching and inking, something like what comic book artists do! Whatever it is, it’s working. 😉 I find the interwebs to be a wonderful place to learn new art techniques. Here’s a link to a pretty cool site I found quickly in passing and bookmarked he crap out of lol http://design.tutsplus.com/articles/40-free-tutorials-on-advanced-drawing-techniques–vector-1392 , but you can find lots on youtube too!

  3. That is indeed a good looking Ganesha … I m sure ur experiences and knowledge will certainly grow as more mileage you put on ur feet n age 😉

    … keep moving … life never stops my friend… Good luck!!!

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