My new watch.

I have always wanted a watch with the map of the world on. I finally found one that is the right size, right width and fairly good quality. I LOVE IT!

This just reminds me that every second that passes is just another second closer to an adventure.

I am also awful at time keeping, and have heard the damn expression “time you got a watch” far too many times now. So I did, Im not really one for splashing out on a watch as a status or classy symbol. I kind of just like a watch that will reflect me every time I look at it and this does.. for £7.00 not £3000. BARGAIN! However is does go forward in time 1.5 seconds and then 0.5 seconds, so kind of quirky, or cheap. Cant quite put my finger on it.



20 thoughts on “My new watch.

  1. That’s something Phileas Fogg would have worn. And if the price is an issue – just drop the decimal point.
    How much did you pay? Seven ..Outstanding Value for an Antique piece, of that quality.

  2. What a beautiful watch. I’ve always found them useful, necessary and classy. After all pyshics it self say it…The only real mesurement for humankind in space, is time

    Thanks for the follow tho! im following back this amazing blog

  3. Haha! A world map watch was the first thing I bought when I came to the states! It’s an excellent reminder that there’s no time to waste – the world awaits! 🙂

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