A steep step.

Lets finally start writing up my trip around Europe.

Amsterdam was  my first stop travelling along – start off hard was the thinking, I was travelling alongside a friends at this point who made it a lot easier to ‘climatise’ to travelling independently (with a friend I know).


This was an eye opener as I had opportunities to go a few times but didn’t so I had no idea what to expect. Landing in the airport having no idea how to get to the centre we wandered for ages finding the best way – it was train (obvious now), on the train we were stood next to a british girl who was talking to strangers who happened to be other travellers, it was then that the social aspect of travelling alone first showed itself to me and I knew things weren’t going to get lonely.

My first time in a hostel, we wanted to spend as little as possible, which I would come to learn in the future thats not always the best. So we stayed in a back street hostel although back street in Amsterdam is still bustling. The hostel we stayed in had really steep steps, even steeper for Amsterdam standards of which we fell down many times. Everyone was asleep it was around 9:00pm, why were they asleep? We got sorted and decided to go out for the night around 10:00pm the guys in the hostel started to wake and it became very clear why they were asleep. Genius really – we met a Japanese guy who shared some of Amsterdam’s delicacies with us leaning out of the hostel window for the world to see. We believed he was in Amsterdam to find what can only be described as the golden weed cave. Im sure he was saying something else, but this is what it sounded like so we wished him well on his adventure, we never saw him again. We hoped it was because he found his riches and is now king of some underground lost civilisation.

Amsterdam is far too hard to put into a written post, so instead I will recreate it to the theme of “Favourite Things” (You have to sing it as you read):

Canals, bicycles and scantily clad women.
Marijuana, mushrooms and everyone trippin’.
Sex shows, dildo’s and a Japanese king…
These are a few of my favourite things.

Hostels, shag dens and make shift beds.
Chocolate, fries and homemade bread.
Prostitutes, nightclubs, condom shops and beer.
The magic of Amsterdam was becoming quite clear.

Walking for miles out of the city without a map.
Realising its easy, as it is all canals, we found our way back. Jewish quarter, cake shops and packages tied up with string.
These are a few of my favourite things.

Free tours, sex tours and a beautiful city.
Put aside the drugs and sex and this place is very pretty.

History, culture and museums galore.
We even had a chance to stand at Anne Franks front door.
Seeing the HQ of the Dutch East India Trading Company.
These are the things that do it for me.

We were hungover, rough and not ready to leave.
This was a place I couldn’t truly believe.

The tale continues…

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15 thoughts on “A steep step.

  1. Ha ha! I love your Amsterdam song. It’s definitely a strange city. It has all that wonderfully rich history and interesting architecture but then it also has this seamy underbelly to it.

  2. Your reflections of Amsterdam remind me of my first visit in 1970. Quite an invigorating city. I could hang out on the streets for months at a time if able.

  3. Your song brought a smile from ear to ear with memories that i had experienced when i was in that city. After traveling throughout Europe i realized it was one of my most favorite cities in the world. Everyone just does their thing and people are accepted no matter what their hobby is. I hope you continue on to enjoy the realms and magic that Europe brings, the hardest part is always coming home.

  4. Pretty sure that “Dutch East India Trading Company” does not rhyme. Nope, nope, nooppe.

    Also, do you ever post anything? Ever?

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