Something a little different… Yet amazing!

I thought I would post something a little different, many of you may have already seen this. The other day the Nasa/ESA Hubble telescope released an image, an image of our neighbouring Andromeda galaxy that will truly blow your mind. The human mind is not made to comprehend how large the universe is, but with these images it kinda of helps… and shit is it amazing.

We all love to travel and explore and experience new things and to pretty much all of us home, earth gives us everything we need and everything we want to experience, travelling around the world is the dream of many of us… But imagine how many more worlds there are to explore. Just watch the video let it take your breath away and sit in awe at the universe (part of) in which we live.

6 thoughts on “Something a little different… Yet amazing!

  1. My husband loves astronomy and, until we emigrated and had to part with most of our possessions, he owned a huge telescope. So he’s the space buff in our family. I just look up at the night sky and think hos beautiful it looks, especially on a clear night when you can see the milky way or when there are meteor showers. The photos of galaxies are quite incredible.

    1. Can seriously get lost staring out into the ope sky – when it’s not blocked by light and other pollution. Ive spent my time living mostly in city centres so getting away to places where the sky is your entertainment gives me little pockets of joy, ha. I recall once i was in the Austrian Alps climbing and we stayed at a place called “wild camp” mid mountain and by chance we happened to see a shower, was one of my favourite nights.

      1. Where we used to live, in rural Scotland, we got wonderfully clear and open skies. I have also seen the aurora borealis twice which is just magical. So I can definitely get caught up in the aesthetics and emotions of it all even though I don’t engage with the science.

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