I did this, by chance.

So I was once stripping wallpaper for my parents home back in Nottingham, UK. I love DIY so I offered, I was supposed to get the entire living room (family room) stripped in the day. I remember procrastinating and watching Spongebob, it got to two o’clock in the afternoon, just before Fairly Odd Parents and I thought “Shit!” and got right to it. In the first stroke of the wallpaper remover thing I noticed a piece fall on the floor in the shape on India… There was no way I was going to get this finished before my dad got home from work. Then it begun…

There was only one rule I couldn’t force the shapes off the wall I could only use what fell.


This happened! Agreed it’s not perfect, infact the more you pick at it the more it all falls apart. My parents couldn’t event complain about the lack of bare space on the walls, infact they were impressed, and so they should have been. The highlight of course would have to be (if you are aware of Art Attack, there is a kids show that used to be on in the 90’s in which a genius named Neil Buchanan would do arts and craft for all the kids to copy, and then would do a BIG ART ATTACK, which as you can guess was big) I tweeted him the picture, he tweeted me back and then followed me.

I haven’t looked back since.

15 thoughts on “I did this, by chance.

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