Soon it begins again!

Hi All, It has been a while…

Happy to inform you all that the journey starts again in just under two weeks. Having worked for the last three years in a great job in the great city of Manchester, I am now off on my world trip… You may recall me talking about it just over three years ago when I returned from backpacking around Europe.

This means one amazing thing! The blog starts up again, the cogs start turning and you will be getting edge of your seat entertainment that will keep you coming back for more… I assume.

I want to make a go of it this time, delivering content that is useful as well as a self indulgent diary for myself to look back on, but I do want you amazing readers to actually get something of value from this page.

I do not promise to be a literary genius and I cannot promise not to type colloquially, but I do promise to be fun.

So, where does this journey start? Cancun, during SPRING BREAK! So hold on tight and get ready for the new adventure. I’ll update you on the planned (or lack of) journey so far.

In the meantime, I want to introduce you to my new baby, the new home and the backpack that will be keeping me alive. Any suggestions for names will be welcome, but I will name it as and when feels right.

bag.jpeg(Osprey Farpoint 70l detachable 15l)

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