Where have I been?

I have been away, for a while without any access to my own personal technology. living with no laptop and a phone that gives me no access to anything. I am not complaining it has been refreshing.

In the meantime I have been to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, LA, Hawaii and now I am sat in Sydney.

It has been eventful and exceptionally exciting, so I will be writing up the trips. I now know that im useless at staying on top, so I am going to write up country by country with a brief summary of what to expect.

Also going to start blogging about the creative shit I see around the world, it needs a place on my blog, especially as it plays a huge part in my life.

Look out for the next posts, also please feel free to let me know anything you would like to know in particular about any of the places, or discuss your experience.


I did this, by chance.

So I was once stripping wallpaper for my parents home back in Nottingham, UK. I love DIY so I offered, I was supposed to get the entire living room (family room) stripped in the day. I remember procrastinating and watching Spongebob, it got to two o’clock in the afternoon, just before Fairly Odd Parents and I thought “Shit!” and got right to it. In the first stroke of the wallpaper remover thing I noticed a piece fall on the floor in the shape on India… There was no way I was going to get this finished before my dad got home from work. Then it begun… Continue reading “I did this, by chance.”