5 days to go…

Now only five days until the journey I have been waiting for three years begins and it doesn’t event feel like it is happening.

I have stuck true to my policy of ‘last minute is best minute’ meaning in the past few days, flights have been booked, visas have been applied for and granted (yes Australia, I have been allowed to enter), Insurance has been purchased (I feel like I need to get the full £5,000,000 worth of medical cover), vaccinations have already been shot into me (I kind of fell in love with my nurse who I saw once every week for three weeks), the only thing I have not done is PACK! – Oh, and manage to get that beach body ready for spring break… But ya’know sometimes back fat is best.

I have left my home city of 6 years, sunny Manchester UK. I must admit bidding farewell to my Manchester family was excruciating. It involved a trip to Buxton and a rather long pub crawl and then one of my favourite songs being played and a 15+ strong circle of my nearest and dearest singing along (yes I cried). I also got a t-shirt signed by them all. I have spent the last two weeks back in my rearing town of Nottingham with my family and spending quality time with my niece (my mother also did a sky dive), it has been bliss, but it is now time to go.

I get a fantastic day on Friday with my family to say goodbye with an old fashioned St. Patricks day knees up. Then on to Mexico!

… For now I must go and purchase some toiletries, will update you on preparations and useful stuff shortly. Then when I get on that plane the good stuff starts.